New journals, now with LINED paper

I’ve begun making lined paper for some of my journals. I modeled it after lined moleskines. The line weight is quite light and there are four lines per inch. I offer lined paper in three paper types:
– 25% cotton, 32lb, 30% post-consumer recycled, WHITE
– 25% cotton, 32lb, 30% post-consumer recycled, IVORY
– 100% post-consumer recycled, 24lb, WHITE

I’ve been making the journals entirely with lined paper and then also I’ve been experimenting with alternating lined and blank pages. The alternating format I think is quite useful, personally. I find that it’s great for an idea book, I can sketch some of my ideas for new sewing techniques and patterns and keep notes along side. I’m sure you creative DIYers have a million ideas for how to use these alternating journals that I haven’t thought of, so please leave some comments or email me with how you would use it.

I’ve also created a very simple month-at-a-glance section that I can add to any journal. It also comes in the same three kinds of paper as the lined.

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