Celtic Weave

So here’s another sewing technique I taught myself from a Keith Smith book. He calls it the Celtic Weave. In my opinion his instructions are vague at best, so I still have some kinks to work out to perfect it. The covers are made with Nepalese Lotka paper… it’s a caramel color with prints of fern leaves. One of the nice attributes of the binding technique is that I can use two contrasting colors of thread. In this book I chose butterscotch and chocolate brown. I’ll have to keep practising this technique, it looks simple once it’s been sewn, but so far this is one of the most time consuming bindings I’ve done. Below is detailed view of the weave.

I’m going to keep working on this method to perfect it. I’ll have this book and hopefully a few more like it for sale at the 4th Annual Old Town Art Market on May 31st. Come see me!

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