The Accordion or Back-to-Back Book

This is the accordion book. Or the back-to-back book. Whichever makes more sense to you. The book has three covers and opens in two directions. It’s hard to describe, so I’ve added a bunch of photos, which hopefully will do what I’ve having trouble doing with words. The covers are made from some of my favorite paper. It’s a reproduction of a William Morris wallpaper. I love the Arts and Crafts movement. I also used end papers on this book, which I don’t always do. If you look at the spine view picture (3rd from the top) and the end view (last pic) you can see that each signature or section of the book is wrapped with small bits of paper just on the sewn edge. It’s a classic technique. This book uses green, brown and wooden fiber paper. I think it gives the spine a unique look.

The book has a sage green grosgrain ribbon that wraps around it to keep it closed. The back-to-back book form can be used all sorts of cool ways. It can be used as a journal or a photo album. You could use it as a “before and after” book. Or for two sides of a family, two siblings, a male/female theme. Two people’s version of one vacation. I think it’s a form that really encourages creative uses. Plus, it just looks cool!

As it is now, the ribbon closure simply wraps around the book. If you’d prefer I can put a bone closure on it for a more fixed closure. This book and more experiments in the back-to-back or accordion style will be available at my booth at the Old Town Art Market.

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