Actual Size

“Who’s a little fear demon? Come on! Who’s a little fear demon?”

This beautifully earth-toned journal features an inset image of Gachnar, the Fear Demon. Inset underneath the image is the punchline “Actual Size.”  Gachnar is the Fear Demon that terrorized Buffy & the Scooby gang in the Halloween episode from the fourth season, that is, until he finally materialized and turned out to be a mere 6 inches tall.  Hence, the funny.

This book is bound using a six needle variation on the classic Greek across-the-spine coptic method. Sewn with premium waxed Irish linen thread. The bookblock has ten quaternion sections, for a total of 80 blank pages of white 32lb 25% cotton rag with 30% post-consumer recycled content. The cover paper is pinto dyed Nepalese lokta in ivory and saddle, end- and fly-papers are a delicious variety of Nepalese lokta, Thai banana, and 100% recycled (30% pcr) artist paper in colors reminiscent of early autumn leaf change. The journal measures 5.75″x7.75″.