This blank journal is designed to look like the wooden box used by The Gentlemen to store all of Sunnydale’s stolen voices in “Hush,” the mostly silent season four episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The covers feature hand cut metallic paper embellishments with brass rivets. Inside the book, each section is bound with a cover page, each cover page is hand drawn with the illustrations from Giles’ overhead transparency presentation on The Gentlemen, detailing his research on their motives and methods. The hand illustrated cover pages are translucent vegetable parchment so that they still feel reminiscent of overhead transparencies, yet maintain a more lush (and archival) book feel. I really tried to capture both the humorous and the creepily graphic nature of Giles’ illustrations.  All of Giles’ overhead transparencies are included in the book, and done with as much exacting detail that I could glean from screen shots.

This book is bound using a six needle variation on the classic Greek across-the-spine coptic method. The exposed spine coptic binding style ensures that the book lies open flat at every page, making it ideal for writing and drawing.  It is sewn with premium waxed Irish linen thread. The bookblock has eight quaternion sections;  a total of 64 blank pages of white 32lb 25% cotton rag with 30% post-consumer recycled content. The cover paper is sun-dyed Nepalese lokta, end- and fly-papers are a variety of Nepalese lokta, Thai unryu, Thai banana, and 100% recycled (30% pcr) artist paper. The journal measures 5.75″x7.75″.