Two by Two, Hands of Blue

Two coordinating collaged books referencing the very creepy, blue-gloved Alliance secret agents / villains that menaced River Tam in Whedon’s sci-fi western Firefly / Serenity.

Each book features one pair of blue gloves, collaged on the cover using an acid-free archival poly-medium. The gloves are hard and ridged and very textural. The effect is a hard cover seemingly trapped in resin. Each cover is slightly different from the other, with haphazardly discarded blue gloves forever trapped in time.

These books are bound using a six needle variation on the classic Greek across-the-spine coptic method. The exposed spine coptic binding style allows the book to lie open and stay open flat at every page, making it perfect to use as a photo album or as a sketchbook.  Sewn with premium waxed Irish linen thread. Each bookblock has five duernion sections, for a total of 20 blank pages of premium white 100lb Strathmore brand Bristol illustration board. The cover papers are sun-dyed Nepalese lokta, end- and fly-papers are a variety of Thai unryu, Thai banana, and 100% recycled (30% pcr) artist paper. The journals measure 9″x12″ each.