Dalek Caan

EXTERMINATE! The Doctor’s crazed enemy, Dalek Caan, has arrived.

This blank journal features one large and looming hand cut metallic paper Dalek embellishment with brass rivets. The cover is wrapped in Doctor Who blue Nepalese lokta paper which showcases the lush gold Dalek. But don’t stare at him too long, Dalek Caan’s mind is gone after too much time in void… a casualty of the Time War, and his madness might infect you. INFERIOR!

This book is bound using a six needle variation on the classic Greek across-the-spine coptic method. Sewn with premium waxed Irish linen thread. The bookblock has ten quarto signatures, for a total of 80 blank pages of white 32lb 25% cotton rag with 30% post-consumer recycled content. The cover paper is Nepalese lokta, end- and fly-papers are a variety of Thai unryu, Japanese unryu, Nepalese lokta, and Thai banana. The journal measures 5.75″x7.75″. Acid-free & archival.