Walking Dead

If you awoke in a strange hospital room, with nary a doctor nor nurse to be found, and SURROUNDED BY ZOMBIES, you could write about your dramatic experience in this braintastic journal! This handbound blank journal is made from a reprint of Issue no. 1 of The Walking Dead comic, now made more popular by the new hit t.v. show of the same name.

* Coptic bound, 6 needle variation on Greek across-the-spine method. This means every stitch is redundant, and should a couple stitches break after years of life on the run from the undead, the book and your life story will still maintain complete integrity. Sewn with two contrasting colors, burgundy and grey, waxed Irish linen thread.

* The exposed spine binding method allows for the book to lie flat and stay open at every page. This makes the book ideal for writing, drawing and sketching.

* 80 blank pages, ten quaternion sections. (160 pages if you count both sides.)

* 32lb white 25% cotton rag with 30% post-consumer recycled content. Lightweight yet substantial, perfect for pencil, pen, and even sharpie like ink pens.

* Decorative cover papers, end- and fly-papers all come from upcycled dinged-up vintage comic books. The front cover is the full-color cover of the comic book. The back cover and the back cover, and end- and fly-papers are select illustrations from the black and white internal pages of issue no.1 of the comic along with pops of red Thai banana paper. The paste-downs are 100% recycled with 30% post-consumer content artist paper.

* 5.75″ x 7.75″