Dec 12 2010

The Geekery Collection

It is exciting to finally be writing this blog post. I have been binding and binding and binding this new series of books, all alone in my studio, and one after another putting each completed book silently away on a bookshelf.  I haven’t blogged about them, or listed them on etsy, or shoved them into my friends’ faces (at least not many.)  I have been quietly collecting them.  Until now… I have a fair number of them done (roughly about a quarter of the books I have planned are completed) and I feel like I can now finally release them.  So without any further ado, may I introduce… THE GEEKERY COLLECTION.

The Geekery Collection, by Whitney Sorrow

selections from The Geekery Collection

And they’re just in time (barely, I know) for your holiday buying pleasure. Within the collection are differently themed series, basically tributes to all my favorite t.v. shows, movies, and other geeky pleasures.  (Let’s be honest, just about half of them are a tribute to my favorite favorite, Joss Whedon.)  Included to date are selections from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, the Doctor Who series, the Firefly / Serenity series, and the Comic Book series.  I will be featuring one selection every day or so of the upcoming week; although you can see all released to date in my portfolio and for sale in my etsy shop.  I have tried to make each book with some special, unique detail, to make you smile or smirk. Some of these scream to the world your fanboy/girl status, while others are subtle enough that only those in the know will recognize the reference.  Making these books has been very inspiring for me; ideas for new books hit me all the while I’m obsessively attending to one of the many little delicious details in these books.

Quick, while their eye-stalks are turned!

Ungh... book braaains...

Mr. Pointy closure, Whitney Sorrow

Mr. Pointy - when keeping your book closed is at stake.

The ideas are definitely coming to me exponentially faster than I can bring the books to life, and I have no idea how long I will remain enchanted with these thematic books.  But I can confidently say that you’re likely to see some clever or overt references to LOST, the Evil Dead, Torchwood, Atari games, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, and others before I’m done.

If you want to see something special, if there’s a favorite show, comic, heroine, hero, villain, episode, issue, or prop you’d like to see referenced, please leave me a comment. I’d be happy to steal your ideas.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  Or if you’re really keen, contact me via etsy to commission a custom book.  I can’t promise that I’ll do your suggestion or request, mostly because I’m not a patient person, and if I don’t like the show/character/prop that you’re requesting, it’s doubtful that I’d be eager to spend as much time concentrating on it as it takes to make one of these books.  But, please, give it a try!  (And, before a bunch of you mention it, I’m already well into the T.A.R.D.I.S. series!)

So, here’s my Geekery Collection.  Enjoy!

Oh, and if you’re lovely enough to buy something from my shop as a Christmas gift, be sure to purchase it before 6pm Monday December 20th so I can get it to you in time for the holiday.